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About us

About us

SCATTO is for the modern, chic and contemporary fashionista. We specialize in comfort and style. We are a small family business and we are growing into something much greater! We are dedicated and passionate about fashion. We are obsessed with current fashion trends and embrace the never-ending changes in trends.

OUR CLOTHING focuses on new trends in the fashion industry in both Women’s and Junior's.   Our mission and passion is to transform women’s lives by making them feel good about themselves each and every day whether they throw on a sweater and jeans or put on that special dress. We offer a range of casual pieces to more sophisticated pieces that provide comfort and style. 

Our products are different and unique. We handpick them for you while staying true to current trends and fashion.

WE ARE a family business. My husband and I are the "heart" of the business and I have been devoted to fashion my entire life. My husband's dream has always been photography. He does all the photography.  My dream has always been to “walk the runway” and to develop a clothing line! I am constantly reading and watching the new trends.  I am inspired by contemporary, modern chic pieces that are on trend while providing comfort.  My passion is to transform women from the inside out. I have owned a Facial/Massage Clinic for the past 6 years with great success.  Women are transformed in those treatment rooms. They come out looking and feeling fabulous. I wanted to add one more layer and develop a clothing line that transforms their outward appearance to match their inward feeling.  Making women feel fabulous inside and out is my mission in life. Although, I have not "walked the runway" (yet) :), I have developed this company for you all! I have so enjoyed pursuing this dream and I hope you all enjoy the clothes as much as I do! Please feel free to contact me anytime! Jo (

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